The portable exercise machine

The CrossToner Exerciser

Personal, portable toning machine.

Upper body

Strengthen and tone biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest

Lower body

Work inner thighs, outer thighs, and glutes.

Variable Resistance

Engineered bands provide incremental resistance to 60lbs.*

Key Features

CrossToner is unlike any other fitness product. Click below to explore some unique features.

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    Commercial Grade Grips
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    Resistance Bands

    Engineered to provide the maximum resistance range possible along with incredible endurance.

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    Contoured Design

    Experience comfort and stablity when supporting the unit against shoulders and legs.

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    Patented Band Slots

    Unique desgn accepts up to four resistance bands and keeps them securely in place at all times.

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    Removeable Center Pin

    Knock down design allows for portability, especially when used with the carry bag.

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    Composite Construction

    Made from a special blend of fiberglass and polypropylene for a super strong yet light weight frame. And the ribbed design provides added stability.

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    Upper Handles

    Curved design provides solid gripping area for hands, while also providing comfort for leg exercises.

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    Lower Handles

    Long and wide lower handles give extended range of motion. Perform the same exercises as offered by large commercial weight machines.


Size / Weight


Assembled: 22" H x 20" W x 1.625" D

Resistance Band: 6.125" H x 1.75" W x 0.56" D



Equivelant Resistance

Min: 8lbs

Max: 60lbs


Body (Handles)

Glass-filled Polypropylene


1/4" open cell foam rubber @ 13lb/cf

Resistance Bands

Natural Rubber


While CrossToner provides an almost unlimited variety of exercises, here are the basics.

Why's it Different?

CrossToner is unlike any exercise device you've ever used.

Multi-directional Resistance

With opposing sets of handles and integral resistance bands, CrossToner provides resistance in multiple directions. You can't get this with traditional resistance band products.

Ultra Lightweight

CrossToner weighs just over 2lbs. Capable of generating up to 60lbs of resistance, it's perfect for everyone.

Completely Self Contained

While other products require external structures to work (such as doors, floors, etc), CrossToner is 100% self-contained. It even works in outer space!

Available now!

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